A tribute for Storm/Pishu_EU Server!

Hello my people 😀 haha’!

I’m here today to show to all about one of the most EXCELLENT SERVERS of CONQUER! HELL YEAH!

Do you not believe me? D:

look that!










I just can say to all! Storm/Pishu_EU Server is the best server of the conquer.

 – Why?

Because we have one of the best wars? D:

The big competition for power?

Good PvP?

Good people to get friendship?

Active market?


look that!





























 Yeah There is a full server… With a big war…meeting good people…wasting my time in a cool server.

Anyway… This post is to honor my server  as one of the best servers currently…

And  to honor a leader and a good friend who i meet on this server!


 ———-    She won the Top Ten Famous People of the Conquer!   ———–


WOW WOW! Who??!! Who??!!






  • Yeah! Congratulations Marius and Mary for get this prize!

It Shows how many people know and like this couple!










Hehe, you deserve it! Congratz.

Well That is it people.

I Will come soon with a new trick for you learn about the game :P!




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