The Wanted II

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Here we will talk about the quest

The Wanted II   from Conquer Online

As you all know there the quest will ask you to kill specific monster, here will write the monster that i had untill now on this quest.

1. This Wanted monster often attack timber delivery teams.

Location: LoveCanyon

Monster: GiantApe

GiantApe LoveCanyon (ApeCity)

2. This wanted monster is a menance to a village where the people made a sand to protect their home.

Location: Maple Forest (PheonixCastle)

Monster: FireSpirit

FireSpirit Maple Forest (PheonixCity)

3. Many parts of the wanted monster are valuable mdeical materials. The merchant has demand fo its skin.

Location: Maple Forest (PheonixCastle)

Monster: Ratling

FireRat Maple Forest (PheonixCity)

4.This wanted monster has red skin, normally. If u see a blue one it must be the leader!

Location: Mistyc Castle

Monster: BullMonster

BullMonster MistycCastle

5.This wanterd monster living in an extremely could place, is frice and agressive.

Location: FrozenGrotto3

Monster: DarkElf, IcySerpent

6. This wanted monster has sharp claws and a sturdy long beak.

Location: BirdIsland

Monster:  Birdman

Birdman BirdIsland

7. This wanted monster lives around place where the Thunder Ginseng grows.

Locantion: LoveCanyon (ApeCity)

Monster: ThunderApe

ThunderApe LoveCanyon (ApeCity)


8.This wanted monster from the inferno has a hellfire pattern on its body.

Location: Mystic Castle

Monster: RedDevil

RedDevil MistycCastle

9.This wanted monster, without blood and flesh, offen swallows passengers.

Location: Desert (DesetCity)

Monster: SandMonster

SandMonster Desert (DesertCity)

10.This wanted monster was placed on two separated islands by some unknown magic.

Location: Bird Island

Monster: HawKing

HawKing Bird Island

11.This wanted monster has been in Conquer for the longest time. It’s is relatively weak, and many newcomers hunt it for training.

Location: Wind Plain (Twin City)

Monster: Pheasant

Pheasant Wind Plain (Twin City)

12.This wanted monster is not big, but has excellent attack ability. Stay alert! Try your best and kill the wanted!

Location: Mistyc Castle

Monster: BloodyBats

BloodyBats Mistyc Castle

13. This wanted monster’s foreleg is sharp as a blade.

Location: Desert (Desert City)

Monster: BladeGhost

BladeGhost Desert City

14.This wanterd monster lives in a beatiful place. Peaches are its favorite food.

Location: Wind Plain (Twin City)

Monster: Robin

Robin Wind Plain Twin City

15.This wanted monster has a huge body. Though it has wings, it can’t fly high.

Location: Mistyc Castle

Monster: TombBat

TombBat Mistyc Castle

16. This wanted monster offen uses huge stones to make weapons.

Location: Desert

Monster: RockMonester

RockMonster Desert City

17.This wanted monster with a deep grievance lives in a barren land.

Location: Wind Plain (Twin City)

Monster: Apparition

18. This monster holds a blade, and often bullies the weak on Bird Island.

Location: Bird Island

Monster: Bandit97

Bandit97 Bird Island

19.This wanted monster with strong body and hard skin lives around the city.

Location: Love Canyon (ApeCity)

Monster: Macaque

Macaque Love Canyon (ApeCity)

20.he wanted devil holds a huge blade, often robbing people in the forest.

Location: Maple Forest (PheonixCastle)

Monster: Bandit

Bandit Maple Forest (PheonixCity)

After you make 5 time the quest the 6th quest is always special it give to kill an miniboss on map. The bosses that are are a pain in the ass for non reborn caracters on maps.

Wanted Monster: Mount Monster. Location: Desert.

Mount Monster DesertCity  504,333

Wanted monster: Blade Monster. Location Desert.

Blade Monster Locantion: DesertCity

Wanted monster: Sand Devil. Location Desert.

Sand Devil  Desert City


Here is a link where are monsters on maps.

Thank you TQ for info.

PS: Leve us a comment if u have found other monster.

Monster:    what later say.

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