Hello all!

I’m here today to teach a nice and cheap idea to compose your gears without spending a lot of your CPs and Silver.

To you do your compose cheap, you’ll need items +1, items compatible of your item you want compose; like armor trojan to armor trojan, boots for boots, weapons 1 hand to weapons 1hand ( axe, sword, club, blade, whip…)

There are two ways to you get these gears:

1. Hunting in all maps, slaying monsters by the way:

Mystic Castle - Red Devils Mobs

If you will be patient, you will get a lot of good things hunting, like items +1, refined, unique, elite or super, meteors, gems and…DB yeah Dragonball haha!

But if you do not have time to waste hunting in the game you can buy it by other players too:

The price will be cheap, as you can see, 3-5 CPs each item.

In my opinion , i prefer buy ( haha me lazy! ) cause i do not have to much time to hunt.

After all, when you get some gears you will go to step2!

2. You will need 3 gears/items of the same type ( compatible ) to do this thing.


I will explain:

A stone +1 gives to your gear: 10 Progress

A stone +2 gives to your gear: 40progress

But, stones aren’t so cheap, that’s why you will use gears for you do it.


Easy, Any gear needs 20 progress to be +1, same for be +2! oh…so if the item is +1 it will need only +2x items +1 to be +2!

Yeah, so the secret is you compose a gear +1 to +2 before you put in your gear, then you won’t need use 4 gears +1 or 4 stones +1 to put a gear +2, you will need ONLY 3 gears to compose a gear to +2!!

So, if i put everything in my gear it will give only 30 progress, but if you compose an item +1 with +2 x items +1 it will gives to my future gear 40 progress not 30! yeah!!


– You will compose it before you use in the gear you want compose –

Done, you got a gear +2 using just 3x items +1 ( worth 3x stones +1 ) and getting a progress worth a stone +2 ( worth 4x stones +1 or 4x gears +1 )

3.In the last step ( the most hard ), you’ll use the gear you got, in your gear you want compose! haha! hardly not?!

Finally, now you got your gear +2 using only 3x items +1 haha! if you calculate it, buying worth 3-5 CPs, you’ll spend 12-15CPs for get the same of a stone +2!! It cost the half of a stone price ( 27-30CPs )!!!


Well people, that’s it, hopefully everybody enjoy!

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