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How To Deal With Scam Players in CO 2

Beware when somebody tries to offer you a trade; there might be a trick on the way. What they do is, for example, put a +1 item on the trade box then quote you a price that is usually way … Continue reading

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What is the Eight Diagram Tactics? Ba Zhen Tou – Also known as the “Eight kinds of Battle Array”. It is the earliest military science in China and is a kind of battle formation and troops disposition in ancient battle. … Continue reading

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Steed Colour Tips Conquer Online

How to make certain steed colour? You will find it here, i search around the pages, here are some tips for them, not all are sure but at least you all can try them out and maybe help us . … Continue reading

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Second Reborn Map

Save it in Conquer folder/ data / minimap 1. You must be at least level 120 after first reborn. 2. Go to Market 3.Talk NPC named Alex, you will be teleported to second reborn map. [STAGE ONE] In this stage … Continue reading

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Db devil – get a free dragon ball

Date : -It Appears after the server Maintenance by 6 hours in Island (1) in one of the places. -It Appears again, after 11:30 hours from killing it , in Island (2) -It Appears Again, After 12:30 hours From Killing … Continue reading

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