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“Hello guys

Mahmoud Saeed
I have little story to you i started co as a normal player at 2008 really i was feel bored for playing this game . and it was until i across level 50 to open the bag i was have it at this time it was giving super items you know that`s was fantastic to me i get up and plvl and playing to be more certain on the char . and after one year or less i don`t really remember i go to be lvl 130 that`s was hard to me at this time you know . since i played this game i learend to make friends and i also won for more friends that`s was amazing and i remember some guy maybe i don`t contact him now but i will never forgetting any of him .. guys like jean , lisa .. tamy , thsi guys i can not connect easy and guys on my mind from co mayko khaled .. sameh .. mardo .. ahmed .. mariana babylilith , flora , kemo , diaa , falcon . this guys all i respect them so much will complete..”

after one year or less to get level 130 i was war by the way when i get it i was feel i`ve got an a dream and this is awesome u see it`s about 8 to 12 month and i do it going to rb and rb to get war war tro u see it`s difficult but wrong way and i play as war war tro more than one year to be come in time to change my char and i change my char by the new system to be wat war tro and playing as this long time i dont really remember in fact but i was injoy really with it and friends when i kill or die won or lose i was really injoy it all …



the way to level 140 it was too hard to do it and left it 139 it was long long time u know but it was very happy time to me .. i thought i was a lucky guy to known and doing what i can to make it easy and to make that hard way is been an enjoy time . finally and after five years playing this game i left and this is was extremely special .

last vidio 4 me


By : Mahmod Saeed

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Im Totolox from Storm server, play Conquer Online from 4 years.
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