Special Giveaway 3 december -31 december

From Dec. 3rd to Dec. 31st, all the picked lucky players can claim a valuable gift pack from the TQ team!

Acces Conquer Online 2.0 site http://event.co.91.com/giveaway12/

1. Please log in first, and then you can claim your gift pack from the event page.
2. After you claim your gift off the page, please log in the game to fetch it from Prize Officer (Market 185,170).
3. Each account can claim the gift pack only once.


Rewards are all bound : 5k chi master points, 2 Modesty Books, 3 PowerExpBall, 1 ChristmasSuit, CpPack(100 cps bound), WildDeer, Snowman, ChristmasTree, Raindeer, ChristmasCap