What you need to know in Conquer Online


1- Never use quick compose

If you use quick compose you can lose all your composition points, its risky yes but you have to be very lucky to succed it.

😀 this photo will explain more

quick1 quick2

2- Never make your main account merchant

Dont make your main account merchant because you can drop items when you are killed, example if you go to a clan in other city then TC and you get killed even from the guard you can lose items from your inventory, once your account is’nt merchant you can’t drop them.

Let your merchant sell and you can play, don’t tell all your friends who is your merchant because you can lose cps or gold at sells,friends will ask you lower price and you will give them for the friendship.

3-Do not put more than 3 billions in inventory or 1 billion in werehouse

4-Don’t follow any links in game gaved by other players and titled by “login your account there and you’ll win 5 dbs 15 expalls 5 lottery tickets etc. 😀 ” the chicken never drob their kids =D

5-Never use any sort of bots its advantages is 30m maximum but 100% you’ll get jailed , (Auto clicker) is safe and i advice you for not using it , maybe someone put virus or keylogger on it

6- Never play poker/CP-one armed you can use lottery or demonbox because if you lost CPs you’ll gain items or exp


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