Free Star Tower Quest

[Things You Will Need: 3 Desert City Scrolls & 3 Bird Island Scrolls. More if you don’t want to walk.]

1 bird scroll
30.000 for net padler

Step 1. Talk To SugarTang(680.590) in Bird Island

Step 2. Go to YangYun.

he will send you to net Peddler


3. Talk To Net Peddler And Buy A Fishing Net

Step 4. right click on fishing net

Step 5. kill the monsters till you get a fish

Step 6 . After you get 3 fish go and buy a Iron Poise from YeSheng

Step 7. Click all that stones and enter portal and talk with Ruan Brother

Step 8. Go find Bloddy Shawn in Bird Island at….and take the Shawn’s Spear

Step 9 . Go back to Ruan Brothers and he will give you an TowerSplinter

Step 10. Go talk with yun yun again and after go Desert City to talk with Plum


Step 11.Go kill monster till caprice leader come

you will have an BudHandkerchief

Step 12. Go back in Bird and give it to Yun yun
He will send you in TreasureHouse,Kill all monsters there till you see you can escape from there

Step 13. When you go trough portal you will be send automat in Mistic Castle,look in inventory,you will have an weird invocation

Step 14. Go where is the entrense in MC and talk with GhoulKong(give him weird invocation) and prepare with many vanilla and arrows if you are archer

you will be send in Dungeon 1 F

kill monsters (not neceserelly in order) and you will obtain some items

here are all pics with what you must kill and have

go portal and you will arrive in Dungeon 2F

kill monsters there till you have the items

go portal and kill caprice lider

after you kill caprice lider ,YangFeng will appear

after you kill him click on Caul drop and click melt all clinkers,you will have 4

click again caul drop and claim the tower

you will be send in Bird and you will have a star tower like this one

Go talk with Sugar Tank again and click You Mean This Tower
after you will have elite star tower free

* Q: I can’t Find BloodyShawn, Where Is He?

* A: BloodyShawn will always be in the same area,
if he is not there, you need to first kill all the monsters in the area.
If he still doesn’t appear, it means someone else killed him
and you have to wait for him to respawn. He does this every 10 minutes.

* Q: I’ve killed all 4 Mausoleum Generals
and I still do not have every quest Item,
they don’t give me one why?

* A: Mausoleum Generals don’t always give you the quest items.
Sometimes you have to kill one General 20 times
before you get the quest item. So Be Patient Or Get Someone To Help You.

* Q: I Killed All 3 Trout Elf’s But They Didn’t Give Me Fresh Fish! What Now!?

* A: Trout Elves sometimes glitch up, if this happens,
buy another net, and try it again until you get the fish.

* Q:HELP! I finished the quest but SugarTang
Didn’t give me the Star Tower! I Still Have It As A Quest Item!!!

* A: When You Talk To SugarTang For the end of the quest,
make sure to tell her “You mean this item?”
There are 3 options to tell her something,
Choose the one on the very right. And Vola! Quest Complete.



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Second Reborn Map

Save it in Conquer folder/ data / minimap

1. You must be at least level 120 after first reborn.
2. Go to Market
3.Talk NPC named Alex, you will be teleported to second reborn map.


In this stage you will need to obtain many of three common items which are SoulAroma, DreamGrass and Moss later called BASIC.

Your target is to make three Pure Vigors.

Basic items are droped by lords, (lords are marked on the modyfied map) special monsters. They spawn 20 minutes after you kill one. Drop rate of Basic items is between 50-75%.

Fastest, and the easiest way to get Pure Vigor without any big calculations is:

Get 9 Moss, 9 SoulAroma, and 9 DreamGrass
if you have them go to EarthSeal (seals are market on modyfied map) and summon HillMonster nine times. Now you should have 9 GhostHorn. Take them to Arthur so you can obtain 3 eviltooth.

Get 3 Moss, 3 SoulAroma, and 3 DreamGrass
you have 3 eviltooth already now you should go to WaterSeal sumon SwithDevil and obtain 3 FeatherStone. Go to Arthur to get 1 ImmortalStone

Repeat this until you have 3 ImmortalStones.

Get 3 Moss, 3 SoulAroma, and 3 DreamGrass
Now u have 3 ImmortalStones already so go to FireSeal and summon Banshee so you will obtain 3 VigorFragments give them to NPC and NPC will give u 1 ImpureVigor.

Then go to CleasingStove summon a monster kill it and it will drop 1 PureVigor

Now repeat this 3 times so you have 3 PureVigors if you have them go to Artur and finish first stage




3EvilTooth+3SoulAroma+3Moss+3DreamGrass=3FeatherSt one


3ImmortalStone+3SoulAroma+3Moss+3DreamGrass=3Vigor Fragments




The stage two test is about killing monsters so you can easly bot it. As you know you must sink a mountain that is 40000 meters high.

For each mob you will kill the amount of sink is diffrent. There are 4 classes of mobs. Here are some hints:

-ValeDemon, SingingSerpent, BlueFiend, WindApe, WoodHades, FuryBat, BoneSkeleton, AngryBeast – those mobs will sink the mountain for 1 meter

-MudDemon, RoaringSerpent, RedFiend, RainApe, WaterHades, CruelBat, LameSkeleton, SensitiveBeast – those mobs will sink the moutain for 6 meters

-AbyssDemon, CryingSerpent, WhiteFiend, LightningApe, EarthHades, ViciousBat, CarrionSkeleton, CrazyBeast – those mobs will sink the moutain for 20 meters

-When you kill a Lord the moutain will sink for 500 meters

So if you arent botting the fastest way is to kill lords.

When you notcie that system isnt informing you of moutain sink go to npc and start stage three.


This all about killing the BIG mobs in a certain order which is:

1. Andrew
2. Peter
3. Philip
4. Timothy
5. Daphne
6. Victoria
7. Wayne
8. Theodore

*note you must kill them 9 times in that order

After you are done its time to find SquamaBead Lords are dropping it and the drop rate is 100% so dont buy it at market.

Now the hardest part you must go to SatanSeal and summon Satan.If you have a ninja with fixed toxic fog skill you will kill Satan in like 2 min

Enquanto os 1º reborns ficam incrivelmente poderosos, aqueles que passaram pela quest de um segundo reborn é quase invencível! A busca de rebornar uma segunda vez, tem muitos truques e testes que os chars devem passar para ter sucesso. Assim, tem pré-requisitos muito elevados: 

Requerimentos :
Os chars devem ser level 120 ou superior e serem aqueles chars que já são 1º reborn evidentemente !!!
Aqueles que optarem por assumir a busca do 2º reborn terá de destruir montanhas, matar hordas de monstros e até mesmo derrotar o próprio Satanás em um duelo até a morte.
Tendo em conta a dificuldade da missão, que vale a pena ter amigos com você na viagem, então você pode ajudá-los a rebornar também!

 Quando os seus amigos forem com você na busca do 2º Reborn, faça um time (Team) do qual você é o líder. Lembre-se de escolher os itens mais importantes a si mesmo, e iniciar todos os diálogos pertinentes para a conclusão da busca por si mesmo. 

Resumo da Quest :
 A busca do 2º Reborn, tem muitos truques e testes que personagens devem passar para ter sucesso. Aqui estão algumas breves notas sobre a busca:
Detalhes do Mapa : É um mapa de PK, por isso tome cuidado com ladrões, assaltantes e assassinos (PKers)

Itens necessários : Moss, Dream Grass, Soul Aroma, Ghost Horn, Feather Stone, Squama Bead, Immortal Stone, Vigor Fragment, Impure Vigor, Pure Vigor.

Sete itens especiais: Evil Tooth, Ghost Horn, Feather Stone, Immortal Stone, Vigor Fragment, Impure Vigor and Pure Vigor tem suas peculiariedades.

I. Quando você for morto, não será descartado.

II. Eles não podem ser guardados no Banco ou em sua caixa de itens.

 Eles não podem ser negociados ou vendidos no Market.

 Quando eles são jogados no chão ( dropados), eles desaparecerão imediatamente.

Devil Abyss:
Arthur (607,637),
Bryan (609,633),
Angela (611,638),
Stanley (617,639),
Bruce (601,641),
Earth Seal (444,878),
Water Seal (883,447),
Fire Seal (920,929),
Satan Seal (331,340),
Cleansing Stove (715,744)

1º Stage : *VIGOR* O primeiro passo em sua busca para reunir os três pure vigors necessário para completar a missão.

1a.  Moss, Dream Grass, Soul Aroma: Procure Arthur e fale com ele, e tome a primeira fase da quest. Mate os monstros Devil Abyss para encontrar MossDream Grass e Soul Aroma.

1b. Três Ghost Horns: Trazer os três ingredientes (Moss, Dream Grass, Soul Aroma) para o Earth Seal (444,878), que parece um cristal. Ao chegar, Hill Spirit irá aparecer. Mate-o para obter uma Ghost Horn.

Dicas: Você deve invocar o hill spirit e matá-lo sozinho (sem a ajuda de Guardas!) Caso contrário, ele não vai largar a Ghost Horn ea busca será corrompida.
Lembre-se: Você deve pegar três GhostHorns.

1c. Três Feather Stones: Dê seus três Ghost Horns para Arthur, e ele vai fazer um Evil Tooth para você. Encontre o Water Seal na meia-direita do mapa (883.447) e derrotar o Swift Devil, que irá cair uma Feather Stones.

Lembre-se: você deve pegar três Feather Stones.

1d. Três Vigor Fragments: Dê Arthur três Feather Stones. Ele fará uma Immortal Stone.. Leve a Immortal Stone., Moss, Dream Grass e SoulAromado Fireseal (920.929). Mate Banshee que aparece para obter um Vigor fragmento.

Lembre-se: você deve pegar três Vigor fragmentos.

1e. Três Pure Vigors : Encontre Arthur,e entregue três Vigor fragmentos para ele, e ele fará um Impure Vigor para você. Depois que você começa Impure Vigor, colocá-la no Cleansing Stove (715.744), e então um Cleansing Devil irá aparecer. Você deve matar o Cleansing Devil, e você receberá uma Pure Vigor que caiu do Cleansing Devil.

Lembre-se: você deve pegar três Pure Vigors.

2º Stage : Mountain do Greivance: Raze a Mountain do Greivance ao chão, destruindo seus asseclas ( que seguem o mal)!

2a. Use Vigors para encontrar Bryan: Dê três PureVigors para Arthur, e ele irá recomendar-lhe para Bryan.

2b. Aceite a Quest : Bryan vai pedir para você arrasar a mountain de grievance para o chão, matando diferentes monstros.

2c. Raze The Mountain : A mountain de grievance é de 40.000 metros de altura e foi formado pelas almas de pessoas mortas. A montanha vai afundar um número de metros para todos os monstros que você matar.

Você pode verificar o quão alto da mountain de grievance continua inquirindo com Bryan. Depois de ter arrasado a mountain de grievance no chão, você pode encontrar Bryan, e ele vai introduzir Angela para você.

3º StageSalve oito almas e mate o Satan : Angela vai dizer que ela é uma diretora e possui 8 guardas, e precisa de você para matar o Satan. 

3a. Quebrar as 8 maldições : Você deve quebrar as 8 maldições , nesta ordem: Andrew, Peter, Philip, Timothy, Daphne, Victoria, Wayne e Theodore.

A Maldição de vinculação verterá 2,400 gotas de sangue a cada rodada. Faça isso várias vezes até que a maldição de vinculação de todas as vertentes do seu sangue.
Tente pegar Squama Beads, que são essenciais para a abertura do Satan’s Seal.

Nota: Squama Beads pode ser compradas e negociadas (trade) assim você pode comprá-los de outras pessoas. Mas, você não pode chamar o Satan com Squama Beads menos que você tenha completado a 3a.

3b: Mate Satan : Satan que está no Satan Seal (331,340) Use a Squama Bead para invocar o Satan’s Seal e em seguida matá-lo .

3c. 2º Reborn : Agora, todo a quest acabou. Volte para encontrar Alex, e você vai renascer de novo!



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Db devil – get a free dragon ball

Date :

-It Appears after the server Maintenance by 6 hours in Island (1) in one of the places.

-It Appears again, after 11:30 hours from killing it , in Island (2)

-It Appears Again, After 12:30 hours From Killing it, In Island (3)

-The Last Time, Appears after 12:00 Hours From killing it, In Island (4)
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday it spawns at a random time

Devil DB data:
– They have a lot of HP and recover faster.
– They have a very good physical attack so be careful, especially to the profession taos is lessphysical defense. I recommend NOT to approach unless they have a very strong Trojan you have a very good power.
– If you Guardian Gold, take it out so much faster to kill him.
– If you are Archer, excellent fly and attack him. The Devil DB does nothing while in flight.
– Use your Golden Guardian as a shield if you Tao, Trojan or Ninja
have luck guys

In the adventure islands, there are four islands where a db devil spanws. No one REALLY know EXACTLY when the db devil spawns up after the first spawn. But the first spawn is about 6 hours and 30 minutes after server maintenance on the first island (top left corner island.) Be sure to check the WHOLE island and monsters sometimes tend to drift away.
After the first db devil is killed, the next one supposedly spawns 11 hours and 30 minutes later, and the third one spawns 12 hours and 30 minutes later. Keep it mind there won’t ever be two db devils up. Once the first one is killed, the timer for the second db devil will start. Once the second one is killed, the third timer will start.There sometimes is a spawn for the fourth db devil, but that depends on how fast the other ones before are killed because of server maintenance.
The db devil looks like a normal water devil, but it hits differently. Keep in mind, YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE IN-ISLANDS. You know your in the in-islands when the waterdevils zap you. The db devil doesn’t zap you, and you hit it literally 10times weaker. If I hit 3k normally, I’ll hit about 300 to it.
Another thing, the top right hand corner island is a DEATH TRAP. This is crazy. The waterdevils on that island zap you A LOT. I get zapped 11k. They also have crazy range; they can hit you across the screen. I personally think TQ did this so not as many players can get away with a free db. But if you have a vip, just put the db in there. For those of us who don’t buy dbs, make a noobie character under level 10, and give the db to that character. Players under 10 do not drop anything, so you can get away with the db.

Spanish version:

-Viene 6 horas después de que mantenimiento del servidor en la primera isla – éste es uno de los lugares para el diablo del DB
– Parece otra vez, después de 11:30 horas de la matanzalo, en la Isla (2)
– -Parece otra vez, después De 12:30 horas De la Matanzalo, En la Isla (3)
– -La Ultima Vez, Parece después de 12:00 Horas De la lo matanza, En la Isla (4) el miércoles, el viernes y el
domingo que lo desova en un tiempo aleatorio


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How to level fast and easy

If you are lazy ass and bored of lvl-ing chars and kill monsters i will help you with some good information about the easy way of lvl-ing
What you need?
– 1 water
– 1 130+ char with some exp on him Naked
– your noob that you need to lvl (i recommend lv 100+ with tali on)
– 1 exp pot

Oki so lets begin:
Go on a map where no one see you(pk map)- moonplatform or gc3 where is the NPC for metzone area
Take with you water with many ref pills, your noob with tali on and exp pot and your 130 + char.
Put your char NAKED 130 + on PK mode, hit your noob ,char 130 + will get blue name, kill him with your noob and after rev char 130 + with water….make blue with 130 + char kill again with noob and after rev…….do this till you get the lvl that you wish

Have Fun!!!!


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Frozen grotto 5 map to go to Frozen Grotto 6

Not so many know the road from Frozen Grotto 5 till Frozen Grotto 6.

Now will be more easy for all of you, when u will have this map .Just open it and go for lava’s

Quando você encontrar a chave, entregue ela para o Frozen Grotto Guardian na Frozen Grotto F4 (387.460). Ele vai enviar até o 5th floor para obter mais aventuras.

Depois de ter pego a Grotto Key, assim que você estiver em Frozen Grotto F4 clique com o botão direito sobre a GrottoKey e você sera guiado automaticamente até a Frozen Grotto Guardian (387.460) para entrar em Frozen Grotto F5.

Esse Mapa vai ajudar vocês a conseguirem passar pelos portais do Frozen Grotto F5 para o Frozen Grotto F6.

Fica minha dica para quem for fazer essa Quest do Terato Dragon, vai preparado e se puder forme um time antes de iniciar a quest e sigam todos juntos pois vocês teram a chance de enfrentar duas vezes o Lava Best por esse caminho do Frozen Grotto F5 é ele e muito Hard.


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  1. Labyrinth Introduction

Labyrinth is a 4-story maze, where you can both level and obtain rare and valuable items.

There are different monsters on each level of the labyrinth, some of which drop tokens which grant you access to the next level.

  • Monsters of Labyrinth:

In Lab1, there are slingers (lvl 105) and goldghosts (lvl 108). Goldghosts drop SkyTokens which you can give to an NPC in lab1, resulting in him taking you to Lab2. Slingers drop Lab1 diamonds.

In Lab2, there are Bladelings (lvl 110) and agilerats (lvl 112).
Agilerats drop earth tokens which take you to lab3. Beware, though, they are magic monsters, and it may be wiser to buy the token from somebody else in market. Bladelings drop Lab2 diamonds.

In Lab3, there are BlueBirds (lvl 115) and FiendBats (lvl 117).
Fiend bats drop SoulTokens which take you to the last level of labyrinth.
Fiend bats do a lot of magic damage however, so you need to be careful while hunting them. BlueBirds drop lab3 diamonds.

In Lab4, there are Minotaurs (lvl 120). Minotaurs drop lab4 diamonds.

  • Rewards:

The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab1 is 2 meteors
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab2 is 4 meteors
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab3 is a random normal gem
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab4 is an AncestorBox, which could contain a dragonball, mets, gems, or any other number of things.
The lower lvls of lab have a lower chance of dropping diamonds than the higher ones, so those rewards are much harder to get!

To see the stats of all monsters in Lab, click Here

  • Lab Bosses:

In addition to these normal monsters, each floor of labyrinth has a boss.
The floor 1 boss is Gibbon (lvl 110)
Floor 2: Naga (lvl 115)
Floor 3: Talon (lvl 120)
And floor 4: Syren (lvl 125).

Syren is one of the very few monsters in the game who remains white-named after lvl 127.
These bosses can occasionally drop socketed equipment, or other valuable items.
Lab bosses spawn 24 hours after they were last killed.


  • Lab 1 map

Lab 2 map

Lab 3 map

Lab 4 map

Big Boss lab

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Hello conquer players!!!

Im happy to back up this site, i know many ask for it, i hope this time u will visit it more 🙂

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