A tribute for Storm/Pishu_EU Server!

Hello my people ūüėÄ haha’!

I’m here today to show to all about one of the most EXCELLENT SERVERS of CONQUER! HELL YEAH!

Do you not believe me? D:

look that!










I just can say to all! Storm/Pishu_EU Server is the best server of the conquer.


Because we have one of the best wars? D:

The big competition for power?

Good PvP?

Good people to get friendship?

Active market?


look that!





























¬†Yeah There is a full server… With a big war…meeting good people…wasting my time in a cool server.

Anyway… This post is to honor my server¬†¬†as one of the best servers currently…

And  to honor a leader and a good friend who i meet on this server!


¬†———- ¬† ¬†She won the¬†Top Ten Famous People of the Conquer! ¬† ———–


WOW WOW! Who??!! Who??!!






  • Yeah! Congratulations Marius and Mary for get this prize!

It Shows how many people know and like this couple!










Hehe, you deserve it! Congratz.

Well That is it people.

I Will come soon with a new trick for you learn about the game :P!




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New Lottery!!!!





You will be more possible to draw better prizes, including items like Small Lottery Tickets, Chi Point Packs and even +7 Stones, from the Lottery! 

By the way

Let’s take a look at these new changes:


  • There is no limit of times for you to draw the lottery in a day. You can close the lottery window and click on those boxes to draw again. OMFG!
  • The 5 treasure boxes are upgraded to Steed Boxes (from which you have a higher chance to get those Steeds), Chi Boxes (from which you have a higher chance to get Chi Points), EXP Boxes (from which you have a higher chance to get EXP), Stone Boxes (from which you have a higher chance to get those + Stones) and Assorted Boxes.
¬†-> Hehe, i will always try the Stones boxes… (66′
  • The chance of getting Class Refined Packs (L70) and Unique Packs (L70) is lowered, while you have a higher chance to get 1 Small Lottery Ticket and 2 Small Lottery Tickets.
  • ‚Äú3 Lilies‚ÄĚ is replaced with 1 Small Lottery Ticket, while ‚Äú9 Lilies‚ÄĚ is replaced with 2 Small Lottery Tickets. “lol”


  • You now have the chance to win 40/60/150 Chi Points Packs, which are TRADABLE.
  • The chance of getting Moon, Rainbow, Violet Gems and Dance Books is lowered, while you have a higher chance to get 5 Small Lottery Tickets, 7 Small Lottery Tickets and Tortoise Gems.
  • Super Weapons are upgraded to 1-Socket Super Weapons; the 1 Socket Elite Heaven Fan/Star Tower is upgraded to a 1 Socket Super Heaven Fan/Star Tower.
  • Most importantly, you will have the chance to get +7 Stones!
I agreed, i’m tired of get bad things at lotto, hopefully i get some stones +7 :D!
Enjoy all!
if someone wants know the prize list… go to:
it will show you everything you can get trying lottery!
Have fun all!
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Earn prize worth 12 ExpBalls Free!!!


Hello All!!!

I’m here again haha’!

Are you bored to slay mobs to get experience?

If YES! Keep reading :P!

Today, i’m going to explain you about a nice thing to level up and have fun!


Actually a bunch of people know about it, yeah i mean a QUEST! The Truth I’m going to talk about the FLAME LIT QUEST!

  • ¬†If you finish all stones it will give to you a prize worth ¬†12Expballs WOW!

Huuum…the quest is simple & easy. I Will do steps like the last one post.

Here we go!!

Step 1:

look at the time and day to know when the GW ( Guild War ) will begin:

War Time:

US Servers  12:00-15:00 Saturday
Eu Servers  20:00-23:00 Saturday


There are different time according to your server, pay attention for you don’t lose it.

To you begin it, you need claim a stone with the Flame Taoist ( NPC ) :

  • ¬†FlameTaoist Coordenates: (355,325 TwinCity)


Step 2:

To you know, the quest is:

1: Get a rune ( stone )

2: Walk on Guild War Map and hunt for the stones quest : FlameStones

3: ¬† ¬† ¬† To you complete the quest, you need find 10 Flame Stones, ¬†in numeral order…1st 2nd 3rd 4th…10th Stone

  • ¬†Important Advices:

The last Flame Stone ( 10th ), you can get it only in the last 30min of the Guild War time

US Servers : 14:30 +
Eu Servers : 22:30 +



4: After you get all stones, go to FlameTaoist and claim your reward yeah :)!


By the way, for help everybody i will post all stones place and will put the coordenate:

And don’t be sad if you can’t finish it, it’s very hard when your server has a big war like mine!

You Will get prizes worth expballs according the many stones you got in the event.

  • ¬† Some Places & Coordenates of ALL Flame Stones!¬†

1st Stone :

( 350,329 – Tiwn City, by the Flame Taoist )

2nd Stone:

( 319,270  РGuild War Map, on the sand )

3rd Stone:

(234,292 – Guild War Map, near the bridge )

4th Stone:

(194,170 – Guild War Map, inside the Castle at Right Gate “RG” )

5th Stone:

(114,055 – Guild War Map, Castle inside the above right-side gate¬†“RG” )

6th Stone:

(317,376 – Guild War Map, outside Castle on the sand )

7th Stone:

(137,180 – Guild War Map, inside the Castle at Left Gate “LG” )

8th Stone:

(040,093 – Guild War Map,¬†Castle inside the above left-side gate “LG” )

9th Stone:

(351,319 – Twin City, by the Flame Taoist )

10th Stone:

( 064,058 РGuild War Map, close to the pole  РHour: 22:30+ / 14:30+ )


– Remember: You can get the 10th stone only… –¬†

US Servers : 14:30 
Eu Servers : 22:30

Done, go to Tiwn City and get your prize when GW ( Guild War ) Ends :)!


Hopefully i help the newbies and begginers :P! haha’!

That’s all people!

Have nice day all and Enjoy!!!

Made By:









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Special Give away – free Chi Points and Stone +3

From Oct. 15th to Nov. 15th, all the picked lucky players can claim a valuable gift pack from the TQ team!

1. Please log in first, and then you can claim your gift pack from the event page.

2. After you claim your gift off the page, please log in the game to fetch it from Prize Officer (Market 185,170).
3. Each account can claim the gift pack only once.
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DB Quest – Nezha’s feud

A dragonball

2nd Reborn level 137+ characters. No level restrictions on reincarnated players. Each character has only one chance to complete this quest.

As the Dragon King’s body sinks to the abyss, Nezha thanks you for all your help and offers you a¬†Dragon Ball¬†as a gift.

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Lotto Tips – win big with free ticket’s

One of my fan come and ask me to post some tips for Lottery, but i really dont know any tips. He ask me try in this way:

– when you see some one at lotto and win 2 times small prize ( like Celestial Stone, CleanWater)

– go to lottery and try on box named Asortated Box or Study Box.

– play 3-4 times, if you dont win go back from 10 in 10 min and try again.

Who try this and win good items call me  :))

Treasure in the Blue – Free Lottery tickets

Ok now all know about this quest.

Time :¬†Monday ‚Äď Saturday, at two separate times: 12:30 ‚Äď 13:30 and 20:30 ‚Äď 21:30.

Requirement: Level 80 or above

Npc :  Squidward Tentacles (Twin City 463, 367)

Rewards:¬†Meteors, Lottery Tickets, Endurance Book Packs, Joy Stones, Amulets, Exp Balls and Money Packs…. And there is plenty more where that came from! Horse Racing Point Packs, Refinery Packs, Dragon Soul Packs, and the sought after¬†Jade Hare, Celestial Bird and Green Eyed Beast! If you’ve got the coins, we’ve got them for you!

1. Talk to Squidward Tentacles (Twin City 463. 367). He will transport you to the Proud Sea, where you will go on an exciting hunting trip for Ancient Coins.

2. Get in and get Gold Coins as many as you can( if you have vip u can put them on WareHouse so you dont lose them when other pk you).

The Octopi in the Proud Sea love collecting coins. The Golden Octopus loves Gold Coins

4. The Mammon Envoy is in the Prize Center. You can find any of the 8 PC Teleporters in the Proud Sea to send you there. If you just returned from the Prize Center, you need to wait 3 minutes to go there, again.

Free Lottery Tickets you can get from this quest.

Thnx Adi Oo

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Top 10 Famous People

Hey all, i want you to support me to be in first 10 players from all around the servers so please VOTE FOR *Totolox* on co site ūüôā

Ty very much

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The Secret for Compose!

Hello all!

I’m here today to teach a nice and cheap idea to compose your gears without spending a lot of your CPs and Silver.

To you do your compose cheap, you’ll need items +1, items compatible of your item you want compose; like armor trojan to armor trojan, boots for boots, weapons 1 hand to weapons 1hand ( axe, sword, club, blade, whip…)

There are two ways to you get these gears:

1. Hunting in all maps, slaying monsters by the way:

Mystic Castle - Red Devils Mobs

If you will be patient, you will get a lot of good things hunting, like items +1, refined, unique, elite or super, meteors, gems and…DB yeah Dragonball haha!

But if you do not have time to waste hunting in the game you can buy it by other players too:

The price will be cheap, as you can see, 3-5 CPs each item.

In my opinion , i prefer buy ( haha me lazy! ) cause i do not have to much time to hunt.

After all, when you get some gears you will go to step2!

2. You will need 3 gears/items of the same type ( compatible ) to do this thing.


I will explain:

A stone +1 gives to your gear: 10 Progress

A stone +2 gives to your gear: 40progress

But, stones aren’t so cheap, that’s why you will use gears for you do it.


Easy, Any gear needs 20 progress to be +1, same for be +2! oh…so if the item is +1 it will need only +2x items +1 to be +2!

Yeah, so the secret is you compose a gear +1 to +2 before you put in your gear, then you won’t need use 4 gears +1 or 4 stones +1 to put a gear +2, you will need ONLY 3 gears to compose a gear to +2!!

So, if i put everything in my gear it will give only 30 progress, but if you compose an item +1 with +2 x items +1 it will gives to my future gear 40 progress not 30! yeah!!


– You will compose it before you use in the gear you want compose –

Done, you got a gear +2 using just 3x items +1 ( worth 3x stones +1 ) and getting a progress worth a stone +2 ( worth 4x stones +1 or 4x gears +1 )

3.In the last step ( the most hard ), you’ll use the gear you got, in your gear you want compose! haha! hardly not?!

Finally, now you got your gear +2 using only 3x items +1 haha! if you calculate it, buying worth 3-5 CPs, you’ll spend 12-15CPs for get the same of a stone +2!! It cost the half of a stone price ( 27-30CPs )!!!


Well people, that’s it, hopefully everybody enjoy!

Made By:


In brightest day
In blackest night
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s Light!


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Hello to all! I’m Krysaor, a player from server Storm, friend of Totolox haha! I’m a new member on this to post everything good about the game and for help everybody! thanks love you all

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How to make free gold and CPs? Naughty Kid’s Trick quest

Well all ask this question, and all want to get all this without working, they sit in TwinCity all day and think that CPs and Gold will come on their Inventory. WRONG.

First of all you all need to check co site events here : http://co.91.com/index/

Watch new events and do all quest.

Example for today we have¬†Naughty Kid’s Trick.

You can do this quest 5 times per day on each char, so get all your chars and start it.

Rewards : 1 Bomb, 1 EXP Ball, 1 Praying Stone(S), 1 Vitality Pill, 1 Meteor Tear Pack, 1 Ninja Amulet, 1 Garment(7-day), 1 Weapon Accessory(7-day), 1 Mount Armor(7-day), 1 Penitence Amulet, 1 Skill Proficiency Pack(1), 1 House Permit, 3 Small Lottery Tickets, and 1 Quest Chance B.
In addition, you may also get 1 HeroHeart, 1 JoyHeart or 1 EmptyPack from the pack. After combining the three items, you can receive one extra HeroJoyPack.

More chars you have more items you get for free, after you done with all  sell them in market and get some free cps.

Its very easy so watch this :

1. Go to Naughty Kid in TC.

2. He will ask you to transfor a NPC in City around Conquer(Storekeeper of Twin City, Phiarmacist of Phoenix City, Blacksmith of Desert City, Armorer of Ape City, or Warehouseman of Bird Island), can be any city so i suggest you do buy from Pharmacist 1 scoll teleport for each City.

3. On any city he will send you, you need to get Spirits(Pheasant Spirits, Apparition Spirits, Ratling Spirits or Winged Snake Spirits). You will need 5 of them.

4. When you get 5 Spirits right click on it and will get an Amulet.

5. Go to NPC that Nuaghty Kid sent you, this time in Ape City. Right click on amulet then click on NPC, you will be transformed in monster you got the spirit of for 30 second.

6. Go back to Naughty Kid in Twin City and get your reward. Click It’s done.

7. I got Penitence Amulet, free ūüôā

8. Wait 10 min and start again, in this time you can do quest with your other lvl 80 + char.


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