My contribution for Conquer 2.0 game 2008-2012 Volcano server Part 1

Back again with some old memmories. Back in 2010 i was co fanatic, like 70 % players of the game was same me, was having my own net cafe so i had alot time to play while i was sitting at work. Playing it every day i had come with an idea to make a page with reviews and tips about conquer online, all things i had learned about the game so i can make players online life on it easyer.

Many times my friends come to ask me about game, even if i wasnt +12 back then, i knew how to make money on the game and on what to spend them. In this days i dont have same time to play it, i closed my net cafe calld MoonNet, and i start working in a new business that keep me busy most of the time. True this i want to say Thnx to Kryasor that he dont stop helping me with new game info in this site, he is doing a great job and im sure my fans apreciate this.

All started  in 2008,4 years ago when i seen my husband playing it, back then we was friends only, i had a job that was keeping me alot time on PC that made me borred so i try this game too. First char i made and first day i played was when Dark server open, the first EU server. I made a char named Creola cuz this was my nickname back times, made lvl 28 in 1 day and when i meet my husband friends, others co fanatics, they was like omg how you did it in this short time. When Dark server open TQ give us free blessed time, back then we couldnt claim the exp, we just receive it. In this was was easy to make lvl 28 in Wind Plain. The sad part was that on server Dark i didnt knew any one to help me lvl, no archers because we all was at the start, so all ask me start on server Volcano to play and get plvl.

First char on Volcano server was a trojan named Veve, nickname of my best friend from work, i dont know why every time i made a char i was sitting like 2-3 hours to chose a name, i think most of us do it, so i suggest you to chose a favorite nickname of friends or favorite star from movies/cartoons. Wasnt hard to lvl up because i had help from my husband sister that played on archer call’s Ganoderma. Here is a screenshot of my trojan.

Maybe all ask themself from where i had this gear, wasnt mine, my husband and his cousen played on chars that they didnt own, one of their friends quit game had a fire named Lady_Euxine and other had a trojan named Scicon, this gear you all see on this screenshot is from Scicon. So they didnt had chars of their own, i was thinking to make a char for my husband, trojan – warrior – fire.

At lvl 130 i reborn, my friends helped me, we was weisting arround 15 min to kill the last boss from second reborn map, we had full STG water in team to stig and rev us, trojan full 2 sock +12, warriors archers and me. Being a girl with pro skilled players around, all was more easy to me, not many girls are gamers so i had all help that any one can have on the game from pro players and bulkers.

The time come to be a fire, in all this time i was playing on Lady_Euxine to advance my skills on jumping and nado. So lvl 120 was easy because talis was bring on Co servers, all my cps i spend on them so i wont be a +6 fire wich is 1 hit from an archer, first time i logged after patch i was in jail with char Lady_Euxine and an archer who hit me nefore it with 3k atack, was 1 hit me now, fan bring soo much atack that i didnt had HP to sit allive.

Lvling as a fire its hard, but fun too. Here is a video with my noob 🙂 lvling in bird with a bow and pking lvl 130 chars to lvl it up faster.

My first husband on game was Loquera, a friend i meet from Brazil. after him was king of server named V3NOM.

 Was normal to be hated too, because i was learning how to play it, most of the time chatting, i made some enemy too, one of them start hating me very much because i was all the time defending my husband and his friends on game, BrutusMaximus was the first Hater i had. I dont know if you guys did this, but he was living the game all over, him and his real life wife, yes yes was a bulker who had some bad feelings when he was getting owned by a bunch of noobs like we was. Maybe all had this experience at least 1 time in their gaming life, i was getting insulted alot and 1 time he got soo mad that he was wishing that i die, in real life. Ah and yes he was like 48 years old if not more, and me 25 back then.

  Because our enemy insult us many times on BC, in that time wasnt WorldChat, we was celebrating every GW win , GW was the only event that we was playing, in rest lvling and PKA fights.

We all had fun, and sit alot time on game so we became best friends, i still keep in touch with all of my team players from Volcano, we celebrating all our B-days together and Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Holloween , national days for each countries.

Here is a video of a ThanksGiving day made it with all my friends from server Volcano.


We had alot fun at GW, and our enemy was americans , most of my guild and allies was viet or european, their ping was better . After a time i was starting to make chars, i was loving plvl and we find a way to make lvl by killing a lvl 130 + char, i have that info on this site too, How to lvl fast and easy post, lvling fast i was wanted to help my friends by trying new char that TQ release, because back then we didnt had reincarnation, we was thinking to make more chars with skill named fog, so we can win more easy, this are half my chars i had back then, most of them i lvl them up.

GW’s beeing our only entertainment, we had to win it, because this was the only way we could show that we are the best, was simple way because we was a big team, we knew what any of us had to do, trojan stakers at pole with waters, on stakers we allways had 1 char ghost so enemy cant fb us, we had Odezza , SaUrOnN staking as trojans, EVO108 and V3NOM hercing arround, fires using fire of hell skill to kill them, was simple if we had our stakers allive, no char can touch pole, most of them dying because o rage or phoenix from clubs and swords. Archers Net4u and Achilles .

At a big patch that TQ made, sorry forgot what was new, all chars that login after maintenance got botjail, all kind of chars, just sitting in TC and booom send in botjail because was a bug. Look at my little hater BrutusMaximus how sad he sit 🙁

Because we had a fire, we find out that skill “Fog” help us more at wining, the cyclon from trojan didnt help us much at gw, so in this way i start making a new char, same way didnt know how to call it, but as all my enemy calling me  dirty player, they all was thinking that i used hakcs to win, i named my char <Dirty>. This char was easy to make because i allready build my gear, and with fog skill i saved time in lvling and killing the mobs, was normal to have all enemy on my head wich try to stop me from lvling, they didnt knew we play 2 on same char , seeing us online so much time, they call’d us booters.

Time passed and new player start game EVO1o8, he was my enemy but on a noob char, when he start bulking he was starting to like lottery, so here is a screen with his win’s  wile i was doing toxic fog lvl, in that time we didnt had profiency books to lvl skills faster.

He was playing every day at lotto 7 chances on each char he had acces on, and yes he was getting alot +8 and 2 sock, in this way i made full 2 sock +8 my sweet fire. If u guys ask from where i had cps to buy them, well i did plvl waters with help of my friend, from morning till night on and on, making like 100 dbs weekly.

Waited 1 year till i made my first item +12 MY BACKSWORD, omg well that made my day 🙂 . I know its hard to make +12 items but as long as you have friends that help you, giving tips or borrow dbs isnt so hard at all, thnx all my friends from Volcano server that helped me build a char that we all dream.

With the help of my friends i mannage to do a good char, we had perfect team , the WolfPack team:

We had archer, water, 2 trojan, 1 fire, all we was need to win all GW’s.

We keep GW’s for almoust 1 year till V3NOM and Odezza stop playing, from that point we start losing. Havin no back up, wasnt fun anymore so i start playing more and more on storm server.

Most of my friends quit on Volcano server, time to play in mornings was less so here is one of my best screenshot from Volcano.

SaUrOnN , EVO1O8 and <Dirty>

In that time, server Storm was released, so me , my husband, my enemy Destroyer from Volcano server and his girlfriend decided to start playing there and to win first GW, so we did 4 chars, 1 water, 1 trojan, 1 ninja and 1 archer. Full 1 sock blessed items was on trojan calld Destroyer, he win first +8 from server, was a +8 bow , sold it to THE BEST HACKER EVER WHO INVENTED REV HERE HACK from any map( wont give you guys a name :D)

On first month we played on both servers, was easy on Storm because we had GW on EU time, so we made char IoIozaur, why my husband this way? well from word we use almoust at 4-5 lines when we chat “LOL”. Was having a friend who used this on real live talk too, i dont know if he knew lol = originally meant “laughing out loud”, but now is the most common expression in any text conversation, just used instead of HAHA or any giggle or something like that. Also used all the time when there’s nothing else to say… LOL key should be added to a standard keyboard. 

My friend Destroyer quit Storm server and he give all his gear and cps to us. Was alot help from his side, from Canada he had bad ping so we couldnt make a good team on storm server. We was in Top 5 first reborn and Top 3 second reborn,

In this time i lfet my char <Dirty> to some friends i have from real life, was hard to play on 2 servers, and i was starting to love Storm server, made a good guild and win first GW’s with the help on a egy friend ” alupy”, wich didnt knew english, i had to ask my super friend Semo to translate me how i can comunicate with him at GW time, ” left gate, right gate, come, go, close, atack” was fun momments with him.

 On Storm was getting my dbs on same way, using our first archer Zenix, was getting mets from bird all day, my few friends i had was calling me MeteorMan. I aslo start to like reporting to TQ botters i met :

 To be continued, storm server story is way long

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  1. Mary Can i Know What’s Ur Secret? How U Get +12 Items? Do u Donate?

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