Lotto Tips – win big with free ticket’s

One of my fan come and ask me to post some tips for Lottery, but i really dont know any tips. He ask me try in this way:

– when you see some one at lotto and win 2 times small prize ( like Celestial Stone, CleanWater)

– go to lottery and try on box named Asortated Box or Study Box.

– play 3-4 times, if you dont win go back from 10 in 10 min and try again.

Who try this and win good items call me  :))

Treasure in the Blue – Free Lottery tickets

Ok now all know about this quest.

Time : Monday – Saturday, at two separate times: 12:30 – 13:30 and 20:30 – 21:30.

Requirement: Level 80 or above

Npc :  Squidward Tentacles (Twin City 463, 367)

Rewards: Meteors, Lottery Tickets, Endurance Book Packs, Joy Stones, Amulets, Exp Balls and Money Packs…. And there is plenty more where that came from! Horse Racing Point Packs, Refinery Packs, Dragon Soul Packs, and the sought after Jade Hare, Celestial Bird and Green Eyed Beast! If you’ve got the coins, we’ve got them for you!

1. Talk to Squidward Tentacles (Twin City 463. 367). He will transport you to the Proud Sea, where you will go on an exciting hunting trip for Ancient Coins.

2. Get in and get Gold Coins as many as you can( if you have vip u can put them on WareHouse so you dont lose them when other pk you).

The Octopi in the Proud Sea love collecting coins. The Golden Octopus loves Gold Coins

4. The Mammon Envoy is in the Prize Center. You can find any of the 8 PC Teleporters in the Proud Sea to send you there. If you just returned from the Prize Center, you need to wait 3 minutes to go there, again.

Free Lottery Tickets you can get from this quest.

Thnx Adi Oo

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