Leveling a Ninja 1-130

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Well it took me a time to find some guys to help me out and find some nice informations about this class…So i would like to thank this guys for the help…
->Some fragments of this guide are not mine!
So here we go…

Why choose the path of the Ninja?
The ninja is the Powerhouse of Pking. Taking on any class head on the class of the ninja is by far the strongest released. But it is also said that Ninjas are the class of the rich. This class is very unique in the way that it has no ranged skills (No including Shiruken Vortex) but has Very high Power compared to any other class. You can do very high damage as a ninja but it all depends on your gear. Ninjas are Great to have but annoying to face. You will deal high damage if you get the chance but you will take it too if you get hit.

Advantages + Disadvantages
Very Strong
Nice Jump
Strongest Class (In My Opinion)
Have multiple effective reborn combos
2nd Dual Wielding Class
Weak to Hercers
Tao’s Do high Damage
Lowest HP


I sugest you to go BI and get powerleveled.Dont forget to pick gold while u are in team.U might make around 100k-200k in 1 hour doing it!
U will use this money to get the esmerald and some unique itens.
NOW!! do free quests and get the best quality of all the gear u need. Just read the guides online.
Keep up with the Monster Hunter quest do it 3 time a day!
Dont forget to ger your lowe level club!Main hand use the katana in the other the club!
Now u should buy many pots and wait for the fatal strike,when the xp skill comes go quickly to birdmans…u might kill arround 30-40 monters it will give u 10 or 15pct for each FS.
70-87BirdMans(u can stay here till 90 too),87-97Hawking(u can stay till lvl 100)97-100Bandits…
ALWAYS use your xp skill at the white or red named mosnters.
DONT FORGET to do free quests and get the best quality of all the gear u need…
Dont wast your time,do the talisman quest as fast as possible!
Leveling gears:
Well if u dont have good gears just take the bound ones it helps alot,if u have some gears like it u gonna level much faster…
Super Veil or hood +3
Elite Neck +2
Elite Ring +2(get the super 1 lvl 110)
Unique soc armor with rdg +2 or a elite armor +3
Elite Katana+2 and a Club(i recomend get 1 with sockets)
Super Boots

Now u chose where to level:
Mystic Castle

1)Just go level on red devils. wont take too long, get xp pots if u can or a praying stone(best option)
2)Get 2000vps and go to lab,level at the big spaw u will find many gems,mets and maybe a DB =D…
DONT FORGET to do free quests and get the best quality of all the gear u need…
Take some time this 5 levels…
Stay at Red Devils or go to the Basilisks
Now is the time to use your exp pots or praying stone!
Now go to frozen grotto 1.
This levels are pretty fast to level so it wont take too much time
Here is the map(the red circles are the best spots in the map)

Go to frozen Grotto 2

Flamelit, Dis City every day you can, Deamon Exterm quests if u have the time. Take it easy, and try to just improve ur gear if u don’t have good gear. This stage will take longest. 2-3 weeks probably.

Thnx to :vicslay


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