Ok here are some litle advice for JiangHu players on Conquer.

Chinese Jianghu Experiences

Now we all know every day all players need 10 free courses.

How is the easy way to make’it is to use AutoHunt in inside TwinCity even if u are Basic level.(Blue)

For Kings/Queens, Prince/Princes,  Duce/Ducess i recomand to stay alive as much you can in Jiang Level 4 (aka Orange) It will take 1hour and 10min  to make all your 10 Free Course.

PS: Is not worth to kill Players Lower than your Jiang level wont help, won’t give u Talent Points and if your Jiang Level4 and kill other Jiang Level 4 won’t help it will only slower the player that lose his Jiang Level, my advice is try find enemy guild and try to slow them down.

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