How to open Chi Master

Chi Master change all game rulls, now even if 1 player have with 20 BP less then you, if he have a good Chi Master he can own you very easy.

I made a Movie so i let all see how to open Chi Master faster, after you open it , you can change it in what way you want.

You all need to know what Chi Master means first: “When you reach Level 110 of your 1st Rebirth, you are able to begin studying the Dragon Chi. When your Dragon Chi score reaches 300, you`re able to unlock the Phoenix Chi. You’ll continue training the Tiger Chi and Turtle Chi after you reach Level 110 of your 2nd Rebirth. Every time you unlock a Chi power, you will get 4 random Chi attributes which can give you additional power while monster hunting or battling your enemies on the field of battle. There are 13 kinds of Chi attributes and you can use a certain amount of Chi Points to refresh the attached attributes with new ones. To help you enjoy the Chi system, the TQ team will also give you 500 Chi Points (worth of 125 CPs) for free every day!”

“You need to unlock the Chi powers one by one from the Dragon Chi, Phoenix Chi, Tiger Chi to Turtle Chi at last. Click the “Unlock” button to study the Dragon Chi, first. When your Dragon Chi Score reaches 300, you can unlock the Phoenix Chi. It costs 300 Chi Points to unlock a Chi power, each time.” ( this is from co original site, but i dont see 300 points less when i unlock it….)

I know they describe it on conquer site too, but i get questions about it every day from players and i have to explain them every time how to do it, i think movie is more useful.

So take a look at it:

You all need to do is open it and gain yellow BT, critical, imunity and atack. “There are 13 types of Chi attributes as shown in the table. Different colors of the attributes refer to different effects (from the lowest grey, to white, blue, green, purple, golden and the highest orange). The Chi Score is calculated based on each attribute’s effect. (Full score: 400)”

I know its hard to get in first page rank , i lost 135k cps to make Totolox chi master, but with some luck , you can make 1 good chi and own them all.


About Totolox

Im Totolox from Storm server, play Conquer Online from 4 years.
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