How to make free gold and CPs? Naughty Kid’s Trick quest

Well all ask this question, and all want to get all this without working, they sit in TwinCity all day and think that CPs and Gold will come on their Inventory. WRONG.

First of all you all need to check co site events here :

Watch new events and do all quest.

Example for today we have Naughty Kid’s Trick.

You can do this quest 5 times per day on each char, so get all your chars and start it.

Rewards : 1 Bomb, 1 EXP Ball, 1 Praying Stone(S), 1 Vitality Pill, 1 Meteor Tear Pack, 1 Ninja Amulet, 1 Garment(7-day), 1 Weapon Accessory(7-day), 1 Mount Armor(7-day), 1 Penitence Amulet, 1 Skill Proficiency Pack(1), 1 House Permit, 3 Small Lottery Tickets, and 1 Quest Chance B.
In addition, you may also get 1 HeroHeart, 1 JoyHeart or 1 EmptyPack from the pack. After combining the three items, you can receive one extra HeroJoyPack.

More chars you have more items you get for free, after you done with all  sell them in market and get some free cps.

Its very easy so watch this :

1. Go to Naughty Kid in TC.

2. He will ask you to transfor a NPC in City around Conquer(Storekeeper of Twin City, Phiarmacist of Phoenix City, Blacksmith of Desert City, Armorer of Ape City, or Warehouseman of Bird Island), can be any city so i suggest you do buy from Pharmacist 1 scoll teleport for each City.

3. On any city he will send you, you need to get Spirits(Pheasant Spirits, Apparition Spirits, Ratling Spirits or Winged Snake Spirits). You will need 5 of them.

4. When you get 5 Spirits right click on it and will get an Amulet.

5. Go to NPC that Nuaghty Kid sent you, this time in Ape City. Right click on amulet then click on NPC, you will be transformed in monster you got the spirit of for 30 second.

6. Go back to Naughty Kid in Twin City and get your reward. Click It’s done.

7. I got Penitence Amulet, free 🙂

8. Wait 10 min and start again, in this time you can do quest with your other lvl 80 + char.


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Im Totolox from Storm server, play Conquer Online from 4 years.
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  1. ninja5655 says:

    Please give me cps

  2. >>WrrioR says:

    Gem Can u Give me a cps i need 5k cps Gem give me plsssss

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