How To Deal With Scam Players in CO 2

Beware when somebody tries to offer you a trade; there might be a trick on the way. What they do is, for example, put a +1 item on the trade box then quote you a price that is usually way lower than the item’s regular selling price. With it, you might get interested and put on your money right away, or perhaps, you will run to your warehouse and get the necessary cash – thinking that you are actually getting a very nice deal. Next thing, you and the supposed seller will click each other for a trade, a trade window appears and you will be asked to put on your money. Once you put it in, the seller then puts on his/her item for “sale”, THEN, cancels the trade. He/She will offer trade again but MIND YOU, the thing on the trade box this time might not be the right item you want to buy. They might put the same level, color and type of item, BUT different quality. You might have been offered with a +1 but the next time, it might be just a normal item.

So there, just be careful when engaging in this kind of activity. Check the items first before clicking the “confirm” and “ok” buttons in your trading window.


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