Its easy steps to call at HelpDesk and talk with 1 GM. I dont know why i get this question daily : How to call GM ? or Where i can talk with GM? or I need a GM online pls whisper me……. and so many others.

Its very simple, follow this steps:

1. Go to Conquer Online main page here :

2. Click on this picture :

3. After u click it and if you see is offline click and send mail, chose 1 of you problems :

4.  Chose one of this links :

5. Complete all lines and send mail to TQ about your problem or call them at this phone number : 1-909-612-1681(9:00-17:00 PDT)

6. If you see HelpDesk Online  its more easy, you just need to write your name, character, server name and start discussion, some times will call at them and will say they are busy, close chat, w8 5 min or more and re open it. Call again till they answer.

HelpDesk Online(PDT): 16:00-20:00; 21:00-02:30; 03:30-08:00