Guide for make a lot of dbs or cps FREE on conquer online

Today i will  teach  you how to make a lot of dragon ball and make cps.

I will  teach  you the legend of the db devil , where he appear and how to kill it.

How is db devil?

The db devil is a monster that always you can get db killing the unique problem is the hours that apper and other people that are killing .

how i can kill db devil?

the first db devil apper after 10:40 hour example if the system msg about main appear at the time of 2.00 and the server close a 2.05 this meaning that the first db devil appear a 12:40 to 12.45 this always is by the main , the 2nd can appear counting 10 to 15 hours later in the same minute of that you kill the first (is a random hour can appear in the 10 , 11 , 12 …) sometimes can appear 2 3 and 4 times always follow the rule of 10 to 15 hours down i put the map where the db devil can appear.

can appaer in one of the 4 island

Another method for gave cps is the snake of bird island if you kill that snake you can get dbs, gem or mets

dbs (15%) gem(25%) mets(60%)

About Totolox

Im Totolox from Storm server, play Conquer Online from 4 years.
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