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If you’ve ever had a problem with the Conquer Online cursor flashing violently with the Windows default cursor and creating excessive lag, the issue is caused by the cursors in the client. Conquer Online’s cursor is meant to render on the mouse cursor’s location, and that has caused a few issues with modern graphics cards with DirectX 10 and higher.

Here’s the solution: make the cursors match to skip rendering. Change all of your cursors in the client with your default windows cursor (not the other way around, it’ll work for the default cursor, but not others). The windows cursors are located in “C:\Windows\Cursors”. My Windows 8 laptop uses the aero_arrow cursor. The client cursors are located in your client’s “data\cursor” folder. Copy and replace all cursors in the client with your computer’s default, and you’re good to go. You can rename the type of the file as “ani” for the animated cursors.

Attached are my cursors for my Windows 8 laptop. I use the default, small aero cursor. It should work for Windows 8, as long as your cursor is normal size. Have fun!



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