Gold Cup and SGW

Super Guild War – The Super Guild War consists of five guild wars, one each week for five weeks. Each time a guild wins a Guild War, the guild leader will gain a Lord Token. The leader will be awarded a variety of special prizes and CPs depending on how many Lord Tokens he receives!
1 Lord Token = A bronze prize and 3000 CPs
2 Lord Tokens = A silver prize and 6000 CPs
3 Lord Tokens = A gold prize and 20000 CPs

Beside this cps u will get 3000 cps from each war won.

The bronze, silver, and gold prizes are also talismans that you can equip (untradeable) in MiraculousGourd or MagicBottle spot.
To be unique, the Gold Prize will be taken back systematically before the new Guild War Contest begins. But there is no worry about the honor gained already, the previous owner will get a Gold Trophy for substitute. The Gold Trophy will be permanently stayed. You can find some words carved on it: Collecting twelve Gold Trophies will receive a super item – Gold Cup! What is it for? It will be a secret for a long time…( this means 12 sgw ,36 GW’s win in time of event, 2 sgw on year means 6 years :)) )

A bronze prize: +HP 900, +MP 900

A silver prize: +HP 1200, +MP 1200

A gold prize: +HP 1500, +MP 1500, +Physical Attack 1000, +Magic Attack 1000, +Physical Defense 1000

Is there any difference between gold prize and gold trophy? also 12 gold trophies for a gold cup? thats like 36 SGWs won on one character, who could or would try to win 12 trophies on 1 account? (since theyre untradable)

Yes it is a big difference,  after other SGW start , you will remain with GoldTrophy .

GoldTrophy : – 1000 Atack ,  – 1000 Defence , -1000 Magic Atack

So you need 12 GoldTrophy to get a GoldCup permanent 😛

Most of players want this Cup for CPs, 20.000 cps  is almoust 1 bulk. Guild members come and help the Leader of guild to get this cps, not many loyal members remain, pass all this years 70% from players play for them and all dream that one day they will be +12 king on their server. To bad many forget about fun and loyalty.

With this post i want to say THANK YOU ~Legend from Storm server to help me get this GoldCup and Thank You for your loyalty. He is a rare player wich come help me without asking anything. :* And Thanks for my guild members too for all that help you give me.


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Im Totolox from Storm server, play Conquer Online from 4 years.
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