Free Star Tower Quest

[Things You Will Need: 3 Desert City Scrolls & 3 Bird Island Scrolls. More if you don’t want to walk.]

1 bird scroll
30.000 for net padler

Step 1. Talk To SugarTang(680.590) in Bird Island

Step 2. Go to YangYun.

he will send you to net Peddler


3. Talk To Net Peddler And Buy A Fishing Net

Step 4. right click on fishing net

Step 5. kill the monsters till you get a fish

Step 6 . After you get 3 fish go and buy a Iron Poise from YeSheng

Step 7. Click all that stones and enter portal and talk with Ruan Brother

Step 8. Go find Bloddy Shawn in Bird Island at….and take the Shawn’s Spear

Step 9 . Go back to Ruan Brothers and he will give you an TowerSplinter

Step 10. Go talk with yun yun again and after go Desert City to talk with Plum


Step 11.Go kill monster till caprice leader come

you will have an BudHandkerchief

Step 12. Go back in Bird and give it to Yun yun
He will send you in TreasureHouse,Kill all monsters there till you see you can escape from there

Step 13. When you go trough portal you will be send automat in Mistic Castle,look in inventory,you will have an weird invocation

Step 14. Go where is the entrense in MC and talk with GhoulKong(give him weird invocation) and prepare with many vanilla and arrows if you are archer

you will be send in Dungeon 1 F

kill monsters (not neceserelly in order) and you will obtain some items

here are all pics with what you must kill and have

go portal and you will arrive in Dungeon 2F

kill monsters there till you have the items

go portal and kill caprice lider

after you kill caprice lider ,YangFeng will appear

after you kill him click on Caul drop and click melt all clinkers,you will have 4

click again caul drop and claim the tower

you will be send in Bird and you will have a star tower like this one

Go talk with Sugar Tank again and click You Mean This Tower
after you will have elite star tower free

* Q: I can’t Find BloodyShawn, Where Is He?

* A: BloodyShawn will always be in the same area,
if he is not there, you need to first kill all the monsters in the area.
If he still doesn’t appear, it means someone else killed him
and you have to wait for him to respawn. He does this every 10 minutes.

* Q: I’ve killed all 4 Mausoleum Generals
and I still do not have every quest Item,
they don’t give me one why?

* A: Mausoleum Generals don’t always give you the quest items.
Sometimes you have to kill one General 20 times
before you get the quest item. So Be Patient Or Get Someone To Help You.

* Q: I Killed All 3 Trout Elf’s But They Didn’t Give Me Fresh Fish! What Now!?

* A: Trout Elves sometimes glitch up, if this happens,
buy another net, and try it again until you get the fish.

* Q:HELP! I finished the quest but SugarTang
Didn’t give me the Star Tower! I Still Have It As A Quest Item!!!

* A: When You Talk To SugarTang For the end of the quest,
make sure to tell her “You mean this item?”
There are 3 options to tell her something,
Choose the one on the very right. And Vola! Quest Complete.



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