Hello All!!!

I’m here again haha’!

Are you bored to slay mobs to get experience?

If YES! Keep reading :P!

Today, i’m going to explain you about a nice thing to level up and have fun!


Actually a bunch of people know about it, yeah i mean a QUEST! The Truth I’m going to talk about the FLAME LIT QUEST!

  •  If you finish all stones it will give to you a prize worth  12Expballs WOW!

Huuum…the quest is simple & easy. I Will do steps like the last one post.

Here we go!!

Step 1:

look at the time and day to know when the GW ( Guild War ) will begin:

War Time:

US Servers  12:00-15:00 Saturday
Eu Servers  20:00-23:00 Saturday


There are different time according to your server, pay attention for you don’t lose it.

To you begin it, you need claim a stone with the Flame Taoist ( NPC ) :

  •  FlameTaoist Coordenates: (355,325 TwinCity)


Step 2:

To you know, the quest is:

1: Get a rune ( stone )

2: Walk on Guild War Map and hunt for the stones quest : FlameStones

3:       To you complete the quest, you need find 10 Flame Stones,  in numeral order…1st 2nd 3rd 4th…10th Stone

  •  Important Advices:

The last Flame Stone ( 10th ), you can get it only in the last 30min of the Guild War time

US Servers : 14:30 +
Eu Servers : 22:30 +



4: After you get all stones, go to FlameTaoist and claim your reward yeah :)!


By the way, for help everybody i will post all stones place and will put the coordenate:

And don’t be sad if you can’t finish it, it’s very hard when your server has a big war like mine!

You Will get prizes worth expballs according the many stones you got in the event.

  •   Some Places & Coordenates of ALL Flame Stones! 

1st Stone :

( 350,329 – Tiwn City, by the Flame Taoist )

2nd Stone:

( 319,270  – Guild War Map, on the sand )

3rd Stone:

(234,292 – Guild War Map, near the bridge )

4th Stone:

(194,170 – Guild War Map, inside the Castle at Right Gate “RG” )

5th Stone:

(114,055 – Guild War Map, Castle inside the above right-side gate “RG” )

6th Stone:

(317,376 – Guild War Map, outside Castle on the sand )

7th Stone:

(137,180 – Guild War Map, inside the Castle at Left Gate “LG” )

8th Stone:

(040,093 – Guild War Map, Castle inside the above left-side gate “LG” )

9th Stone:

(351,319 – Twin City, by the Flame Taoist )

10th Stone:

( 064,058 – Guild War Map, close to the pole  – Hour: 22:30+ / 14:30+ )


– Remember: You can get the 10th stone only… – 

US Servers : 14:30 
Eu Servers : 22:30

Done, go to Tiwn City and get your prize when GW ( Guild War ) Ends :)!


Hopefully i help the newbies and begginers :P! haha’!

That’s all people!

Have nice day all and Enjoy!!!

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