Db devil – get a free dragon ball

Date :

-It Appears after the server Maintenance by 6 hours in Island (1) in one of the places.

-It Appears again, after 11:30 hours from killing it , in Island (2)

-It Appears Again, After 12:30 hours From Killing it, In Island (3)

-The Last Time, Appears after 12:00 Hours From killing it, In Island (4)
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday it spawns at a random time

Devil DB data:
– They have a lot of HP and recover faster.
– They have a very good physical attack so be careful, especially to the profession taos is lessphysical defense. I recommend NOT to approach unless they have a very strong Trojan you have a very good power.
– If you Guardian Gold, take it out so much faster to kill him.
– If you are Archer, excellent fly and attack him. The Devil DB does nothing while in flight.
– Use your Golden Guardian as a shield if you Tao, Trojan or Ninja
have luck guys

In the adventure islands, there are four islands where a db devil spanws. No one REALLY know EXACTLY when the db devil spawns up after the first spawn. But the first spawn is about 6 hours and 30 minutes after server maintenance on the first island (top left corner island.) Be sure to check the WHOLE island and monsters sometimes tend to drift away.
After the first db devil is killed, the next one supposedly spawns 11 hours and 30 minutes later, and the third one spawns 12 hours and 30 minutes later. Keep it mind there won’t ever be two db devils up. Once the first one is killed, the timer for the second db devil will start. Once the second one is killed, the third timer will start.There sometimes is a spawn for the fourth db devil, but that depends on how fast the other ones before are killed because of server maintenance.
The db devil looks like a normal water devil, but it hits differently. Keep in mind, YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE IN-ISLANDS. You know your in the in-islands when the waterdevils zap you. The db devil doesn’t zap you, and you hit it literally 10times weaker. If I hit 3k normally, I’ll hit about 300 to it.
Another thing, the top right hand corner island is a DEATH TRAP. This is crazy. The waterdevils on that island zap you A LOT. I get zapped 11k. They also have crazy range; they can hit you across the screen. I personally think TQ did this so not as many players can get away with a free db. But if you have a vip, just put the db in there. For those of us who don’t buy dbs, make a noobie character under level 10, and give the db to that character. Players under 10 do not drop anything, so you can get away with the db.

Spanish version:

-Viene 6 horas después de que mantenimiento del servidor en la primera isla – éste es uno de los lugares para el diablo del DB
– Parece otra vez, después de 11:30 horas de la matanzalo, en la Isla (2)
– -Parece otra vez, después De 12:30 horas De la Matanzalo, En la Isla (3)
– -La Ultima Vez, Parece después de 12:00 Horas De la lo matanza, En la Isla (4) el miércoles, el viernes y el
domingo que lo desova en un tiempo aleatorio


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  1. anthony says:

    Conquer’s the best

  2. ......... says:

    TQ has remove that :S

  3. Costin says:

    Is there any db devil anymore? 😛

  4. Old player says:

    db devil still exists. just because you dont find it, doesnt mean it didnt spawn or wont spawn.

  5. BruceLee says:

    ty very much maam 1 month was 15 Db scrolls 😀

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