Daily CPs!

Hello All!

Long time i didn’t any post here! Hell yeah!

But today, i came with a new trick to help non-bulkers to earn cps.

Are you ready? 😀


First one. It is about Daily Quests, ( ohhh D:! ) haha’,i will teach a way to you get some CPs doing these easily quests.

Let’s split it in steps ok??

1. You will need some Alternative Accounts ( whata? o.0 ) newbie accounts…

P.s: It Should be lvl 90+

 – Why? I Will explain later. –











– That is one of my newbies, Cecilia, my archer hunter ( haha’ ) I Will use her to show to you how to get something in that hard time without DB’s   promotion                 …( LvL110 )



2. You will need know your MASTER! haha’ master ofc lmao.

– NPC: DailyQuestEnvoy – ( 430,396 TwinCity )











Here, we have some quests to do, all will give to you EXP, bless, Study Points And Chi tokens, buuuuut the only one ( Magnolia All Around Lvl 80 )


-> At this quest, you may receive some seed to plant, the trick is you try your lucky spending something to get GOOD SEEDS ( refined, unique, elite, super )

But it cost too much if i try everyday, well that’s the trick, you will done the another quests to get Study Point, THEN Spend it trying get some Good Seed.






– Yeah, right. and that is why you need ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS, your main account you need your study points to upgrade subclass, so you will not do it with your MAIN ACCOUNT, only with ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS



Do quests to save Study Points -> Try Magnolia Spending Study Points -> Get Prizes lol easy not?


I suggest you do only the easy quests.

1. Honoring the Ancestors



















2. Realese the Souls




























– You may get some moneybag doing this quest – 












3. Exorcism ( Boss Market: Thrilling Spook )



– if your Main Account is not stronger enought you can leave this one, or call help for any friend – 





















– Choice the Spook 1, the most easy just for get Study Points –





























– You done the easy quests, now go try your lucky at Magnolia All Around ( lvl 80 ) –












Claim a seed, and keep trying using your Study Points till you find some Good Seed – 


















– Keep Trying till you find something good –











– Ohhh D: i found a Unique Seed – Claim Claim! –











– Lets see my prize –











– haha’  1 x love letter, not bad# –

According to the seed you will get better prizes, of course if you get a super seed you may get something good like DB or SuperGem


– Then, Sell everything you will get with it, you will earn your DAILY CPs 🙂 – 



– Anyway, you may get, meteors, orchid, tulip, loveletter,  saddles, gems ( normal, refined, super ), DBs. – 




Well that’s it people, do that everyday and you have high chance to ALWAYS earn CPS…

Hopefully i help everybody to get some cps in that HARD time :D!

Cya all.

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