Conquer Online 2.0 How they Play it, How we play it( from 2003 – 2012)

Well this is just a begining :
Conquer Online 2003 login page : 

” 1.How to create a character?

* Connect to Internet
* Double click on the shortcut icon, click on enter button to access the login server interface
* Select the server you want to Input your account and password, click on enter, you will be taken to Create Character window

* Choose to be a Trojan, a Warrior, an archer or a Taoist, male characters are on the left and female characters on the right. Click on a character to preview this character`s actions in the center and read this profession`s brief introduction on the lower part. If you are satisfied, click on ok to select an appearance and give a name to your character

* Click on ok, wait for a moment, your character will be created successfully.
* Re-log in the game to start your journey.

Well wasnt this easy? :))

Conquer Online 2005 login page

Conquer Online 2006 :

Conquer Online Version: 4356 in 2007

Here is how the login interface looks like in 2007 🙂

Conquer Online 11.09.2007 -.:SeXyFiRe:.

with patch 4353 being out thay added a new gaming system called potency points

Conquer Online 2008 :


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Im Totolox from Storm server, play Conquer Online from 4 years.
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  1. AZO20099 says:

    i play Conquer from 2055

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