Conquer 2.0

General Introduction
Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG set in the world of ancient China. Set in a wonderfully beautiful and rich fantasy world, you control a strong and gallant hero, slaying dangerous monsters, completing perilous quests and having the most fun of your life! The game revealed its first debut back in 2003 and currently has more than 10 million registered users around the world. The game has a massive player base and simple gameplay. The combat is fast paced and fluid and it offers a myriad of fun PvP options. Besides, the game has a boat load of features.
There are seven awesome base classes in Conquer Online, each with a unique set of skills and powers that they can unleash upon their enemies. You can also play a male or female character, and customize your look, hairstyle, clothes and portrait.( Trojan, Taoist, Warrior, Archer, Monk and Pirate)

There are 140 levels and leveling up to level 40 where you get your first training is incredibly fast. It does slow down somewhat after that, but questing, combat and grouping grabs XP quickly. There is also a re-birth system which basically creates a stronger character for replay when you’ve maxed the first.

The game has groups, clans, guilds and marriage, a mentor and apprentice system as well as an active forum of iPad players, if it lacks the ability to easily chat in game. Grouping provides quite a nice XP boost and players aren’t shy to invite others into their group regardless of level. If you are of level to play in the area, you can group. Clans are “family” groups of up to 12 and in-game couples have to join and leave together. Guilds can be huge and the guild management system is sweet, with customizable ranks within the group. There’s also the “Couple” and the “Flower” systems in game. Male characters of level 50 and above receive a rose each day that they can gift to a female character, and female character of level 50 and abo receive a kiss each they (or more depends if you are a VIP player or not) and they can gift to a male character,  male and female characters of level 20 and above may be married by heading over to the Matchmaker in Desert City or the Love Stone in the Market to tie the knot.  Once they do, they can participate in couples PvP tournaments. Couples that kill together stay together, eh?

It’s free to play. What more can we say? Except for some cosmetics such as hair, face and vanity costumes, all items that can be bought in the cash store can be earned in game. For example, to start off in the Steed system, a player has to kill horse thieves until a saddle drops, then save 500,000 silver to learn the first horse riding skill.  If you’ve been picking up all your gold and silver, you would have saved that by the time you reach level 40 or so, unless you’ve been spending it on all the other neat things you can do in game. However, $5 will buy you the saddle and the first skill.

You also can chose betwen USA or Eu server, ping will help you alot and FPS too.   TQ add 3 clasic servers where you dont have tower and fan , atack and defence will get lower.

TQ bring this year new events betwen servers, Eu with EU and USA with USA so all player will have almoust same ping, Skill Team PK Cross Server, Guild  Pk Cross Server and many more of this events wich help all players to know who is the best from their side of countries.

Also 1 month ago TQ open transfer server where 1 player can move 1 time on year to other server, because in past wasnt so many Eu servers and was a point down for EU players.

Enjoy it !!!

5 Responses to Conquer 2.0

  1. conquer says:

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    Must be your top level of 110 to 140

    Login and register now and get more than 4000 CPS

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    • Besho says:

      i need help pls
      i forget my Acc in conquer
      and my old Email
      but i play that acc 2008
      but i stop that game from 2014
      but i have photos for the acc
      its was #64NaNa#64
      i talk with u sometime and u back my acc and u tell me dont forget it agin but im sorry i cant remember the pass
      so can u please send my pass

  2. fankg2015 says:

    my Account banned i need back fankg2015

  3. hamdy says:

    my hamdy ana 3aoz al3b le3bt conquer

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