Question : Do you think it should be easier to gain CP’s/DB’s?

Answer : Yes will be.


– this is the only way that all kind of players , buyers of not, can make cps/dbs on game;

– not so many quest on now to help all make cps, no mine, no blue mouse quest;

– almoust all server are poor now ;

– i visit almoust all servers and i see + stones in market or metscrolls in Gold, this is the first way you find out that its a poor server;

– + stones are soo cheap, you dont have what to do with an archer at hunt, archers gone from conquer world;

– only bulkers have fun, no more bound packs with super items to help you lvl up faster.

I wait all other comments for this and i will upload it here on site. So please all VOTE for DB’s back at lvl 110 promotion, quest to gain CPS….