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Im Totolox from Storm server, play Conquer Online from 4 years.

FB/SS Crosshairs conquer online

Thanks to kitl for posting where and how to place this… I followed kitl’s guide and made a crosshair with paintshop pro with a crosshair image I found off of google image search. I downloaded the image resized it to … Continue reading

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Ultimate Jiang Hu Guide for Conquer Online

BASICS Jiang hu is similar to the chi system but more complex. Instead of 4 stages with 4 skills(16) there is 81 smaller skills(stars). 9 stars in 9 stages. The goal is to decide what attribute you want for each of … Continue reading

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[Guide] Fixing Cursor Lag conquer online

Hey everyone, If you’ve ever had a problem with the Conquer Online cursor flashing violently with the Windows default cursor and creating excessive lag, the issue is caused by the cursors in the client. Conquer Online’s cursor is meant to … Continue reading

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Delete Poker – Bandits machine – Roulette conquer online

Hello, to many players spent their cps and money on poker and cps machine and roulette hundred of million, thousands of cps and TQ just steal our money. Today im going to teach you how to remove the following : [Roulette … Continue reading

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Guide for make a lot of dbs or cps FREE on conquer online

Today i will  teach  you how to make a lot of dragon ball and make cps. I will  teach  you the legend of the db devil , where he appear and how to kill it. How is db devil? The db … Continue reading

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From where to download Conquer Online Mobile ?

Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2.5D Fantasy MMOPRG . Now it’s available on Android and Ios. I dont know why Co Mobile does’nt make a site to help players with it. So there it is, i will post it on … Continue reading

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New game on Mobile – Conquer online Mobile Ios and Android

I start downloading Co online on Mobile, it’s laggy but i like it. Im on server Challenge and i just went to lotto for the first time. I won +4 stone and other 3 +2 stones.  

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Story of Mahmoud Saeed

“Hello guys I have little story to you i started co as a normal player at 2008 really i was feel bored for playing this game . and it was until i across level 50 to open the bag i … Continue reading

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The Wanted II

Ok ladies and gentelmens i will try to keep update this post and help you people. Here we will talk about the quest The Wanted II   from Conquer Online As you all know there the quest will ask you to … Continue reading

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Bring back DB at lvl 110 promotion

Question : Do you think it should be easier to gain CP’s/DB’s? Answer : Yes will be. Because: – this is the only way that all kind of players , buyers of not, can make cps/dbs on game; – not so … Continue reading

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