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DB Quest – Nezha’s feud

Rewards: A dragonball Requirements: 2nd Reborn level 137+ characters. No level restrictions on reincarnated players. Each character has only one chance to complete this quest. As the Dragon King’s body sinks to the abyss, Nezha thanks you for all your … Continue reading

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Lotto Tips – win big with free ticket’s

One of my fan come and ask me to post some tips for Lottery, but i really dont know any tips. He ask me try in this way: – when you see some one at lotto and win 2 times … Continue reading

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Top 10 Famous People

Hey all, i want you to support me to be in first 10 players from all around the servers so please VOTE FOR *Totolox* on co site 🙂 Ty very much

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The Secret for Compose!

Hello all! I’m here today to teach a nice and cheap idea to compose your gears without spending a lot of your CPs and Silver. To you do your compose cheap, you’ll need items +1, items compatible of your item … Continue reading

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Hello to all! I’m Krysaor, a player from server Storm, friend of Totolox haha! I’m a new member on this to post everything good about the game and for help everybody! thanks love you all

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How to make free gold and CPs? Naughty Kid’s Trick quest

Well all ask this question, and all want to get all this without working, they sit in TwinCity all day and think that CPs and Gold will come on their Inventory. WRONG. First of all you all need to check … Continue reading

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Gold Cup and SGW

Super Guild War – The Super Guild War consists of five guild wars, one each week for five weeks. Each time a guild wins a Guild War, the guild leader will gain a Lord Token. The leader will be awarded … Continue reading

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Gale Shallow Story by Kuja and Kryasor (Storm Server)

Prepare yourself for deep exploration into the heart of the ocean, where countless treasures lie long buried in the dark sea, guarded by monsters only spoken of in myths and tales that keep children awake at night. Kuja and Krysaor from … Continue reading

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How to go from frozen 3 to frozen grotto 4

I know its  easy but not all players know this road, so you all can use it to go to frozen 5 . From frozen grotto 3 rd floor to frozen grotto 4 th floor you can use this map … Continue reading

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How To Deal With Scam Players in CO 2

Beware when somebody tries to offer you a trade; there might be a trick on the way. What they do is, for example, put a +1 item on the trade box then quote you a price that is usually way … Continue reading

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