FB/SS Crosshairs conquer online

Thanks to kitl for posting where and how to place this…

I followed kitl’s guide and made a crosshair with paintshop pro with a crosshair image I found off of google image search. I downloaded the image resized it to 20 X 20 pixels with paintshop pro saved the resized image then renamed it simpleShadow.dds.

Then I created a folder in Conquer/Data/Pic/
and named it… Shadow

Then I placed my simpleShadow.dds in that folder and started up conquer. 

I will try to attach the folder I created with the picture inside I zipped it using winrar but kept it as a zip file


Many thanks to

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Ultimate Jiang Hu Guide for Conquer Online


Jiang hu is similar to the chi system but more complex. Instead of 4 stages with 4 skills(16) there is 81 smaller skills(stars). 9 stars in 9 stages. The goal is to decide what attribute you want for each of the 9 stages then fill those all 9 stars with the attribute points you want, the higher the quality and the more you have linked together the stronger jiang hu stats you will have.

To open one star you need cps, or 1 course + 1 study + 10 subclass study points. When you open a star you get a random chance of an ability and a quality. You can change that ability by studying that star again.


To open the next stage you do not need to open all 9 stars per stage. But, you do need a total amount of stage points to equal 1350. Similar to having to achieve 300 points to open the next chi. So you will have to re-study those Common and Sharp qualities to something higher if you’ve unlocked all 9 and the next stage hasn’t opened.

 When the next stage is open, repeat. I would recommend opening all 9 stages first, then go back an upgrade each star to any skill you would like. You CAN have all 9 stars have same same ability. ie: 9 Max-HP or 9 immunity.

When any two stars have the same abilility and are next to each other, you get a bonus. If you have 9 stars in one stage that are all the same ability then you get the highest bonus.


 Number Of Aligned Stars in the stage  Bonus Total In % Of Combined Stars
2 —————————————-10%
3 —————————————-13%
4 —————————————-15%
5 —————————————-18%
6 —————————————-21%
7 —————————————-25%
8 —————————————-30%
9 —————————————-50%

example: 8(Aligned) x 413(Epic HP) = 3304 hp + (3304 x .30(30% bonus) = 4295.2 hp

Ontop of aligned star bonuses, each star will gain a separate bonus. ie: an epic hp, 413hp aligned will gain a small bonus and raise it to roughly 460 hp.

A Full Set Of Pics Showing All 9 Stages With All 9 Star Aligned And The Bonuses Given Are Shown Below.



Credits to Staffy for creating this Jiang Hu Starts Calculator which can be found here.


To earn courses you need talent points. Your talent points are always being earned online and offline. You can also earn free courses by opening boxes in the daily quest… Heaven Treasury.

The amount and speed of the points you receive is based on your name color(talent status) and your location…. Either inside twins cities-city or everywhere else. And having jiang hu mode enabled.

The talent bar is your current talent points, the number on that bar is the actual number. When you reach 10,000 points you earn 1 course and the timer, the bar, and the talent points reset and start over.

There is a timer to the right of the bar that tells you exactly how long it will be until you achieve 10,000 points. Note: this window does not refresh itself. You need to close and open to update the timer.


   There is two ways to earn talent points. Either inside twin city, or a safe spot. Your house, market, etc.. Keep in mind if you are in twin city you must be alive to earn talent points.

Next you need to earn a name color or talent status, there is 5. Each color determines how fast you obtain talent points.

BASIC 1 INSIDE TC 32min | OUTSIDE TC 1,000min




LEVEL 5 INSIDE TC 6.4min | OUTSIDE TC 192min

To obtain a higher name color(talent status) you must be in jiang hu mode and kill other jiang hu players OR do the daily quest named Heaven Treasury, each box you open your talent status will go up one color.

NOTE: RED NAME players and BLACK NAME players can be killed by Jiang Hu Mode fighters. And you WILL loose gear as normal

You start as a blue(basic) jiang hu killer and no matter how many times you die you will always stay blue. To achieve green you must kill another blue or higher. And so on…

When you achieve green(level 2), killing more blue players DOES NOTHING. You do not earn talent points. You do not earn name color. You do not earn talent status or courses.

Killing any jiang hu fighter below your color will earn you nothing so you MUST HUNT for higher name colors(talent status).

If you believe you cannot reach a higher level you must stay alive with the city for 30x times faster talent point earnings. If you go to a safer area, offline tg, or offline you will earn talent points based on your name color, just slower. But much faster than blue(basic).


tq’s official jiang hu page
age of jiang hu tq’s tips #1
age of jiang hu tq’s tips #2
age of jiang hu tq’s tips #3


JiangHu Recommendations


Grades are based on the total amount of inner-strength all of your 9 stages of jiang hu stars & alignments are. There are 15 grades total.

To achieve grade 14 you must have all ULTRA stars unaligned or aligned
To achieve grade 15 you must have all EPIC stars unaligned or aligned

After achieving grade 14 & 15 you are eligable to purchase skill souls. Skill souls are basically “weapon accessories” for you skill effects.


There are several ways to use cps in jiang hu.

Extra study button up to 500 cps (system uses bound cps first)
First use is 10cp, then 20, 30, 40, 50.
With the spook bound cps i receive weekly (and so should you) i would use one extra study a day.

Check the box for a higher chance of a better quality attribute, though it does not guarantee to keep the current attribute, but it does increase the rate of receiving a higher quality (general consensus is an extra 20pct chance)

Check the box for the highest chance of a better quality attribute, though this also does not guarantee to keep the current attribute(general consensus is an extra 50pct chance)

General Consensus for using the Higher and Highest Checkboxes are:

  • 5 cp extra guarantees sharp or better
  • 50 cp extra guarantees pure or better

If the attribute changes and screws up your previously attribute you must pay 20 cps to fall back to the original attribute, or continue trying to get back that original attribute.

Chaotic path means that you are trying to study an ultra but you want more or you just hate the attribute and/or its useless for that particular stage for you. If you get an epic after studying an ultra there is a system message….and epics are actually pretty rare except on stage 1 for some reason.


Studying while having a higher color (talent status) supposedly gives you a higher chance of achieving a higher quality star.

Example: If you study all 10 of your free points with a green name you have a small chance of getting rares, ultras, and epics. Now, if you study all 10 of your free studies with say… purple, gold, or orange name, there is surely a higher chance of getting high quality results in your studies, your welcome.


When you have nothing linked on almost all stages but you know exactly what you want on each stage, write it down and work on it. Do not study the same star over and over.

Example: Say you want stage 9 to be all max hp. Say you have 2 hp stars and the rest are not. Don’t sit there and study the same star over and over next to the two existing hp stars. Instead, go around in the circle and try each one at a time and keep going around, youll get all 9 hp faster than studying the same star 10 times with no luck.

I personally only still spend 10 bound cps daily as an extra chance to further my jiang hu… because i have all 9 stages linked. So I currently work on 1 star at a time starting with the weakest quality and study it 11 times until it gets a higher quality. This works roughly 75pct of the time. When it fails i have to wait till the next day to try to fix that star.

Having seven 2nd reborn characters I can definately say starting your linking at stage 9 and working your way down to stage 1 is WAY more successful and faster


Skill souls are basically “weapon accessories” for you skill effects. They ONLY visually replace the graphical effect that appears when you use a skill and nothing more. Prices are roughly 8600cps to purchase after your jiang hu has reached either grade 14 or 15.

Grade 14 allows you to buy basic skill souls
Grade 15 allows you to buy the super skill souls
Skill Souls can be purchased from the Martial Dealer in the Market (208,193)
Here is each skill soul available and the skills they visually replace.
Click Here for TQ’s Official skill soul data page


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[Guide] Fixing Cursor Lag conquer online

Hey everyone,

If you’ve ever had a problem with the Conquer Online cursor flashing violently with the Windows default cursor and creating excessive lag, the issue is caused by the cursors in the client. Conquer Online’s cursor is meant to render on the mouse cursor’s location, and that has caused a few issues with modern graphics cards with DirectX 10 and higher.

Here’s the solution: make the cursors match to skip rendering. Change all of your cursors in the client with your default windows cursor (not the other way around, it’ll work for the default cursor, but not others). The windows cursors are located in “C:\Windows\Cursors”. My Windows 8 laptop uses the aero_arrow cursor. The client cursors are located in your client’s “data\cursor” folder. Copy and replace all cursors in the client with your computer’s default, and you’re good to go. You can rename the type of the file as “ani” for the animated cursors.

Attached are my cursors for my Windows 8 laptop. I use the default, small aero cursor. It should work for Windows 8, as long as your cursor is normal size. Have fun!



7 Ways to Copy and Paste – wikiHow

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Delete Poker – Bandits machine – Roulette conquer online

Hello, to many players spent their cps and money on poker and cps machine and roulette hundred of million, thousands of cps and TQ just steal our money.

Today im going to teach you how to remove the following :
[Roulette Silver and Cps]
[Poker Silver and Cps]
[Bandits Machine Silver and Cps]

To remove the Bandits Machine [Silver Machine & Cps Machine]
1 : Go to MyComputer C:\Program Files\Conquer Online 2.0\ini
2 : Find 
SlotNpc.ini file and open it
3 : Delete all the text writing inside SlotNpc.ini
4 : Save text file
5 : close Conquer and open new one

To Remove Poker Tables [Silver Tables & Cps Tables]
1 : 
Go to MyComputer C:\Program Files\Conquer Online 2.0\ini
2 : Find 
TexasHoldEm.ini file and open it
3 : Delete all the text writing inside TexasHoldEm.ini
4 : Save text file
5 : close Conquer and open new one

To Remove RouletteTables [Silver Roulette & Cps Roulette]
1 : 
Go to MyComputer C:\Program Files\Conquer Online 2.0\ini
2 : Find 
RouletteRule.ini file and open it
3 : Delete all the text writing inside RouletteRule.ini
: Find this file and Delete it roulette_chip_info.dat
5 : Save text file
6 : close Conquer and open new one

and i wonder if there is anyone can help and add how to Remove Lottery NPC or Lottery Box’s

Many thanks to

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Guide for make a lot of dbs or cps FREE on conquer online

Today i will  teach  you how to make a lot of dragon ball and make cps.

I will  teach  you the legend of the db devil , where he appear and how to kill it.

How is db devil?

The db devil is a monster that always you can get db killing the unique problem is the hours that apper and other people that are killing .

how i can kill db devil?

the first db devil apper after 10:40 hour example if the system msg about main appear at the time of 2.00 and the server close a 2.05 this meaning that the first db devil appear a 12:40 to 12.45 this always is by the main , the 2nd can appear counting 10 to 15 hours later in the same minute of that you kill the first (is a random hour can appear in the 10 , 11 , 12 …) sometimes can appear 2 3 and 4 times always follow the rule of 10 to 15 hours down i put the map where the db devil can appear.

can appaer in one of the 4 island

Another method for gave cps is the snake of bird island if you kill that snake you can get dbs, gem or mets

dbs (15%) gem(25%) mets(60%)

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From where to download Conquer Online Mobile ?

Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2.5D Fantasy MMOPRG . Now it’s available on Android and Ios.

I dont know why Co Mobile does’nt make a site to help players with it.

So there it is, i will post it on my site.

All you need is a Touchscreen Phone  Android or Ios . You go to Play Store and search the App “Conquer Online”.

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New game on Mobile – Conquer online Mobile Ios and Android

I start downloading Co online on Mobile, it’s laggy but i like it. Im on server Challenge and i just went to lotto for the first time.

I won +4 stone and other 3 +2 stones.


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Picture from conquer website when relased

Epic picture from conquer online website when relased as conqueronline.com at 2003

moments will never be forgeted i think i was 6 or 7 years at this time 😀Untitled

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Story of Mahmoud Saeed

“Hello guys

Mahmoud Saeed
I have little story to you i started co as a normal player at 2008 really i was feel bored for playing this game . and it was until i across level 50 to open the bag i was have it at this time it was giving super items you know that`s was fantastic to me i get up and plvl and playing to be more certain on the char . and after one year or less i don`t really remember i go to be lvl 130 that`s was hard to me at this time you know . since i played this game i learend to make friends and i also won for more friends that`s was amazing and i remember some guy maybe i don`t contact him now but i will never forgetting any of him .. guys like jean , lisa .. tamy , thsi guys i can not connect easy and guys on my mind from co mayko khaled .. sameh .. mardo .. ahmed .. mariana babylilith , flora , kemo , diaa , falcon . this guys all i respect them so much will complete..”

after one year or less to get level 130 i was war by the way when i get it i was feel i`ve got an a dream and this is awesome u see it`s about 8 to 12 month and i do it going to rb and rb to get war war tro u see it`s difficult but wrong way and i play as war war tro more than one year to be come in time to change my char and i change my char by the new system to be wat war tro and playing as this long time i dont really remember in fact but i was injoy really with it and friends when i kill or die won or lose i was really injoy it all …



the way to level 140 it was too hard to do it and left it 139 it was long long time u know but it was very happy time to me .. i thought i was a lucky guy to known and doing what i can to make it easy and to make that hard way is been an enjoy time . finally and after five years playing this game i left and this is was extremely special .

last vidio 4 me


By : Mahmod Saeed

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What you need to know in Conquer Online


1- Never use quick compose

If you use quick compose you can lose all your composition points, its risky yes but you have to be very lucky to succed it.

😀 this photo will explain more

quick1 quick2

2- Never make your main account merchant

Dont make your main account merchant because you can drop items when you are killed, example if you go to a clan in other city then TC and you get killed even from the guard you can lose items from your inventory, once your account is’nt merchant you can’t drop them.

Let your merchant sell and you can play, don’t tell all your friends who is your merchant because you can lose cps or gold at sells,friends will ask you lower price and you will give them for the friendship.

3-Do not put more than 3 billions in inventory or 1 billion in werehouse

4-Don’t follow any links in game gaved by other players and titled by “login your account there and you’ll win 5 dbs 15 expalls 5 lottery tickets etc. 😀 ” the chicken never drob their kids =D

5-Never use any sort of bots its advantages is 30m maximum but 100% you’ll get jailed , (Auto clicker) is safe and i advice you for not using it , maybe someone put virus or keylogger on it

6- Never play poker/CP-one armed you can use lottery or demonbox because if you lost CPs you’ll gain items or exp


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